Saha P.V.C.(1980) was established in 1980 and was officially registered on July 7, 1981 by Mr.Supoj & Mr.Kanthong  Lhaiprasith . We are operating  in the plastic packaging manufacturing industry. The first location is located at Soi Charoen, Dindaeng, Bangkok, but with continuous growth. I have to expand. Current Address: 13,13 / 1-4 Soi Prayasuwan 41, Klongsamwa, Klong Samwa, Bangkok, in April 1997. Currently, the area is about 5 rai.
We are professional in injection-blowing plastic products. Design and make plastic mold , Plastic products  with a team of technicians .We always  improving the quality of products by continuously increasing production capacity, Strengthening skills, Capability of personnel Include the experience of the management team. Combined with the use of modern  machinery to produced high quality product to  satisfied all customer needs. This leads to sustainable customer growth.
Our vision is “To become a leader in the field of plastic packaging industry with a focus on service and continuous improvement of product quality, To meet the needs of diverse customers. We are ready to drive the organization with innovation, Along with the operation with good governance and service mindset.
SAHA P.V.C. Strive to maintain excellence in being. "Plastic Packaging Leader" for more than 40 years, we actively run the organization. 3 important elements, What makes us one of the most important partners in plastic packaging.


are our first priority. To be a successful partner. It is because we have created a comprehensive service and start from the design of the packaging. The production process is consistent, Timely transportation. This is to support our customers' operations to keep pace with the competition in every aspect.


  SAHA P.V.C regard that human resources are our most valuable asset. Teamwork Continuously set goals for organizational development. Modern Management Techniques in Quality Management, Coordination and regulation. Integrate with corporate culture. The work and lifestyle of all our employees. We give our employees the opportunity to work together to keep their life happy and safe and create engagement and love in the organization.

“Environmental system”​​​​​​​

To Participation in sustainable management and development of the environment is the passion of our company. SAHA P.V.C. will help to protect and improve our ecosystem. We have been working on environmental management and have continued to develop. Improve the environment of the organization itself. It also supports ongoing community-based activities. To reduce the impact on the environment throughout the process.